Rodney (the miserable monster to your left), was one of my first character designs. He was featured in a book that I produced in my university days and first started out life as a watercolour painting.

Over the years I have developed a broad array of illustrative styles for a variety of customers ranging from the traditional watercolour approach for children’s books to digital drawings with a slicker finish for advertising agencies. In my view there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ medium but it’s a case of selecting the right tool for the job. When working digitally, I use a Wacom tablet with my Mac and so everything still remains hand drawn. Often I sketch out ideas as I’m travelling and have once even had to complete an urgent brief on an aeroplane! That is when the old pen and paper experience really pays off.

You can see my drawings in What’s On (Dubai) every month as well as other freelance projects that crop up. I try not to limit myself to just one style and really try to come up the most appropiate feel for the brief.

I am regularly updating my sketchbook page with new images from projects or just my own sketches. Please take a look at that page for a wealth of up to date images that I’ve categorised for your convenience.